Company Profile

Kaleida is an Australian business made up of highly qualified professionals with a strong understanding of the local and international property and development sector. We invest ourselves fully into the projects we take on and we consistently deliver on our promises.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the market and our connections in the industry span the globe. As a relatively young business, we have the flexibility and agility needed to flourish in an evolving property development and construction industry, complemented by strong relationships with industry-leading builders, engineers, architects and designers.

We’re committed to providing a warm, collaborative and good-spirited workplace that brings out the best in people. Our team is highly motivated, consistent in its approach to providing excellent service, and passionate about the future of the property development and construction industry.
We invest the time and resources needed to make sure all staff are given the opportunity to thrive in the workplace, and we value creative, independent and progressive thinking. Browse Current Openings
Founded by company directors Daoren Lai and Jonathan Ji, Kaleida is run with the warmth and respect of a family business. Comprising a highly skilled team of young and diligent professionals, we work collaboratively to deliver truly exceptional work.

Jonathan Ji


Jonathan has a successful background in law and a breadth of entrepreneurial experience. As a Director at Kaleida, Jonathan harnesses his diverse skills to lead the legal, finance and project acquisitions team. His business acumen, strong leadership skills and hands-on approach ensure Kaleida continues to evolve, expand, and deliver exceptional projects that generate real value.

Daoren Lai


Daoren combines a deep understanding of property development and construction with an involved approach that sees him working closely on projects from start to finish. A strong background in construction and development management, paired with outstanding commercial skills and consid-erable knowledge of finance and cost management, makes Daoren an invaluable director, visionary and driving force behind Kaleida.